Adaptation is a response to complexity. It functions very differently depending on an organization's goal. We frequently adapt to:

1. create more resilient programs by anticipating and accommodating change,
2. scale a successful practice within a project, or
3. import a practice that demonstrated success from one project to another.

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When can Syntegral’s assistance in adaptation help?

  • When an activity has been deemed successful and a donor, government or education-focused agency/implementing organization believes the activity—or some component(s) of it—offers a model that should be brought to scale
  • At the proposal development stage when a "best practice" or innovative activity is being considered for inclusion, but needs to be tailored to fit organizational capacity and expertise
  • During implementation when uncoordinated changes in a program or activity have resulted in reactive, rather than proactive, adaptation. Assistance in such cases is needed to consolidate core gains around a programmatic consensus that keeps objectives intact
  • After an activity has been scaled to new sites but its long-term viability is uncertain because the capacity to sustain the adaptation has not been put in place
  • When an organization seeks to integrate more complexity-aware and adaptive management approaches but recognizes that the adaptive capacity of the critical personnel is lacking


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